Inventor Highlight: Mary Dixon Kies

May 22, 2015
Mary Dixon Kies- U. S.
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Inventor Highlight: Zeppo Marx

May 15, 2015
Zeppo Marx - United States patent #3,426,747 There is an old expression: “Serious as a heart attack. ” Clearly, cardiac health is not something that people joke around about.
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National Inventors’ Month: Infographic

May 12, 2015
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Quote of the Week: Joe Kiani Founder & CEO, Masimo Corporation

May 11, 2015
"Well I started Masimo, we launched our product and about two years later this company came out with an infringing product. If we were unable to sue the patent infringer, we would have just been out of business.
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Inventor Highlight: Harry Connick, Jr.

May 8, 2015
Harry Connick, Jr. - United States patent # 6,348,648 It’s been said that necessity is the mother of invention.
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Quote of the Week: Deanna Tanner Okun, Former Chairman, U.S. International Trade Commission

May 4, 2015
So I think the message that the United States sends when it reduces the the protection afforded intellectual property rights is we send a message to the rest of the world, that they don't need to adopt rules. It use to be, in my view, what the United States was doing when we were negotiating with our trading partners, is we were telling them "copy our laws, not our products".
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Quote of the Week: Dean Kamen Founder, DEKA Research and Development

April 24, 2015
Never before have we needed to have more incentive for people to innovate, for people to take risks and the most powerful government piece of incentivizing people to take risks and to create new things, whether it's curing disease or solving environmental problems or energy problems. The only part that the government can hold out as an enormous incentive for people to risk their time, their energy, their reputation and their money is to say to them, share it with the world under the condition that for a limited time, as the Constitution said, we will promise you, we will give you exclusive right to your property.
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Inventor Adventures: Curse of the Weakened Patent

April 22, 2015
Meet Celia, an intrepid inventor with a great idea and big ambitions for changing the world. Little does she know the legal pitfalls that await if bad patent legislation makes it through Congress….
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Quote of the Week – Rep. Thomas Massie

April 16, 2015
Adding uncertainty and costs to getting and maintaining patents will be the largest single cost of the decline of innovation and therefore the economy in this country that I've seen in my lifetime. - REPRESENTATIVE THOMAS MASSIE.
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