Patent Trolls

INFOGRAPHIC: Who’s Trolling Who – The Ugly, Hairy Truth

January 24, 2014
There have been a number of erroneous "facts" and statements made that have influenced the dialogue in Washington, and around the country, about why patent reform is needed. We've created this infographic to help stop the spread of misinformation.
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Weekly News Highlights 12/12 – 12/19

December 20, 2013
We are cheered, as we head into the holidays, by hints from the Senate Judiciary Committee that patent reform will not be rushed to a vote as it was in the House. It appears that the voices of inventors and universities are being heard, and might even have an opportunity to be heard directly, in a hearing next year.
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Weekly News Highlights 11/6 – 13 2013

November 15, 2013
Media coverage of patent reform has been gaining momentum. Each week, we will share links to a few stories we believe shed light on issues related to the various bills.
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Some Founding Fathers Might Have Been Called Troll

November 12, 2013
This article in Forbes does a great job of providing historical context for the U. S.
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