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Save The Inventor – Our Mission

September 18, 2014
At Save The Inventor, our goal is to be a resource for the latest news, facts, interviews and the occasional opinion about legislative changes to our patent system and potential risks to the best incentive for inventors and innovation in the industrial world. It is our belief that any effort to address abuse in patent litigation through changes to the law should be narrowly focused to avoid placing new burdens on patent holders, and carefully crafted to preserve the role of an independent judiciary.
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Weekly Patent News Highlights 7/18/14

June 18, 2014
This week we hear more about the positive effects of the Targeting Rogue and Opaque Letters Act, or TROL Act. This bill is one step in the right direction towards smart patent reform.
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The Ongoing Spin: Who’s to Blame for Patent Reform Efforts Derailing?

June 9, 2014
If it’s consistency you seek, the people and companies promoting patent reform have certainly delivered. They have an uncanny ability to identify the “bad guy” and play out that storyline whether it’s based in fact or not.
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Weekly Patent News Highlights 5/13/14-5/22/14

May 26, 2014
This week’s roundup includes articles from high profile news outlets such as Slate and Re/code, as well as a statement from a group of American inventors regarding Leahy's decision to delay patent legislation. Slate looks into the history of patent litigation and in response, applies the “Patent Troll” title to some of America’s most famous inventors including Thomas Edison and Charles Goodyear.
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American Inventors React to Delay of Patent Reform Bill

May 20, 2014
Big victory today as Senate Judiciary Chairman Leahy (D-VT) delayed patent legislation once again. As we have said in the past, we don't believe that this bill is being given the time and consideration it deserves.
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Weekly Patent News Highlights 4/27/14-5/1/14

April 1, 2014
More advocacy organizations and additional trade groups continue their lobbying effort approaching the proposed markup date, and previously unheard groups are finally speaking out. A group consisting of over 200 universities, startups and other companies sent a letter on Tuesday, 4/29 warning of the potential consequences that will result from changes that they say “go far beyond what is necessary or desirable to combat abusive patent litigation.
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Weekly Patent News Highlights 3/17/14-3/19/14

March 20, 2014
This week’s roundup contains a commentary piece from KyForward, Kentucky’s user generated news network, explaining the risk that patent reform will take power away from independent inventors, making them unable to enforce their IP. In the Star Tribune, an op-ed piece touches on how HR3309 was passed in a single hearing, without even one independent inventor there to testify, as well as the damaging effects the legislation could have on American inventors.
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Weekly Patent News Highlights 2/24/14 – 2/27/14

February 28, 2014
A special meeting with White House IP counsel Colleen Chien and patent holding companies was held this week to discuss an initiative to make prior art holdings more accessible for officials at the Patent and Trademark Office. This would reduce the number of patents granted, which would therefore improve overall patent quality and limit potential for abusive litigation.
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Weekly Patent News Highlights 2/18/14 – 2/20/14

February 21, 2014
Innovators are finally speaking up and joining forces in the fight against patent reform. This week, over 2000 independent inventors signed a letter to Congress expressing their deep concern over the proposed legislation.
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Weekly Patent News Highlights 2/10 – 2/11

February 14, 2014
Patent reform has the potential to weaken the United States Patent System. Weakening our patent integrity would have a direct effect on independent inventors, small entities, employment rates and the U.
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