About Us

We are a coalition of inventors, patent owners and stakeholders from a broad range of industries that believe the patent system is critical to our economic resilience and global competitiveness.

We believe that America’s future is inextricably linked to the vibrance of our innovation economy. Strong intellectual property laws allow for investment in research and invention. Great inventions result in breakthrough products and services. Those products and services result in thriving businesses that create jobs and ultimately keep the U.S. competitive.

We need your help!

A small but powerful group of Big Tech companies (we call them predatory infringers) have been systematically working to weaken patent rights for more than a decade for their own gain.

It’s time to stop them and we need your help. Learn more about the power of the patent system and how it has helped build America’s wealth and position in the world. Watch our documentary, Inventing to Nowhere, to see how patent theft is hurting U.S. inventors. Then get involved by supporting the PREVAIL Act.