Our Position

For more than 200 years, patents have made our lives better and safer, and created opportunity, jobs, and prosperity for our country.

The weakening of patent rights in the U.S. in recent years poses a significant threat to our nation’s innovation economy. We must restore strong patent protections for inventors to ensure our patent system continues to serve as an economic engine.

Any measures to address litigation abuse should be laser focused on bad behavior and not reduce the value and enforceability of patents more broadly.

What do we support?

  • Passing the PREVAIL Act or similar legislation that would strengthen patent rights
  • Fixing the USPTO’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board so that it can no longer be abused by patent infringers
  • Fully funding the USPTO and ending the diversion of agency user fees
  • Encouraging the USPTO to invest in additional human and other resources
  • Promoting diversity in innovation by closing gaps in invention and patenting among underrepresented groups