Our Campaigns

Stop Patent Pirates

Large corporations that steal ideas and innovations – we call them Patent Pirates. Too often, Big Tech are the offenders, infringing on inventor’s patents in deliberate and damaging ways. As inventors, we need to protect each other.

That’s why we support the STRONGER Patents Act. This bipartisan bill, introduced by Senator Coons (D-DE) and Senator Cotton (R-AR) in the Senate, and Representative Stivers (R-OH) and Representative Foster (D-IL) in the House, will restore the protections our inventors, universities, and start-ups need to stop patent pirates in their tracks.

Stolen Inventions Tell No Tales

Many Big Tech corporations, aka Patent Pirates, have determined that it is simpler to steal a patent owner’s idea, and drag out interminably any legal challenge in court, than it is to simply get approval for the use of an invention. They know they can use their wealth, legal resources and weakened patent laws to drag out legal proceedings until small inventors give up or go under.

To get away with the behavior more easily, they have created a story about so-called “Patent Trolls” that has obfuscated the real issues plaguing the patent system. They have perpetuated the notion that patent litigation is out of control and bad actors are abusing the patent system by maliciously suing innocent users of certain tech for patent infringement. By spreading this false narrative, they have found support in the courts and in Congress for changes that have weakened patent rights and the ability of inventors to protect their patented innovations. In fact, the patent litigation rate has remained virtually constant – hovering around 1.5% – for decades. The Patent Troll story is false, but it has big money behind it.

Innovation Is A Treasure Chest That Builds Economic Success

Strong patent rights promote economic security, US competitiveness, and a robust innovation economy. That’s why we support:

  • Improving patent quality without diminishing intellectual property rights.
  • Respecting inventors’ property rights by stopping Patent Pirates from engaging in predatory infringement.
  • Fixing the Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) to stop it from being abused by infringing companies.
  • Strengthening what was once the gold standard in the world, the US Patent System, by passing the STRONGER Patents Act.