Our Campaigns

Thanks for Your Idea

That big idea you came up with? Your game-changing invention? It’s so very appreciated. Big Tech thanks you. China thanks you. We are all sincerely grateful for your ingenuity. Of course, thanks to weakened patent laws, we’ll be taking that idea and making it our own – but we want you to know how impressed we are by that big brain of yours. Keep the ideas coming!

Stop Patent Pirates

Large corporations that steal ideas and innovations – we call them Patent Pirates. Too often, Big Tech are the offenders, infringing on inventor’s patents in deliberate and damaging ways. As inventors, we need to protect each other.

Many Big Tech corporations, aka Patent Pirates, have determined that it is simpler to steal a patent owner’s idea, and drag out interminably any legal challenge in court, than it is to simply get approval for the use of an invention. They know they can use their wealth, legal resources and weakened patent laws to drag out legal proceedings until small inventors give up or go under.

Dream Small

Why bother? Why work hard to create the next great technology, the next breakthrough cure, the invention you’ve dreamed about since you were a kid? When our elected officials stop appreciating that American-born, unrelenting fire within you to achieve greatness, your aspirations shrink to nothing. Does Congress really want to pass legislation that will weaken our patent system and harm our inventive spirit? What inventions won’t be invented? Which start-ups will get killed by foreign copiers before they get started? Whose jobs will get shipped overseas?