Weekly Patent News Highlights 3/17/14-3/19/14

March 20, 2014

This week’s roundup contains a commentary piece from KyForward, Kentucky’s user generated news network, explaining the risk that patent reform will take power away from independent inventors, making them unable to enforce their IP.

In the Star Tribune, an op-ed piece touches on how HR3309 was passed in a single hearing, without even one independent inventor there to testify, as well as the damaging effects the legislation could have on American inventors.

Meanwhile, the Patent Fee Integrity Act introduced by Sen. Dianne Feinstein continued to receive positive feedback with supportive letters coming in from The Biotechnology Industry Organization, the Medical Device Manufacturer’s Association and The National Treasury Employees Union.

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Insider Louisville: Alex Frommeyer: Stopping patent trolls could throw Kentucky’s entrepreneurs under the bridge

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Counterpoint: Targeting patent trolls, if not done carefully, has risks

We’re only two weeks away from Senate markup and with the recess week at an end, we have no new information regarding a compromise on dangerous provisions such as fee-shifting or the controversial covered business method program.

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