Weekly Patent News Highlights 2/24/14 – 2/27/14

February 28, 2014

A special meeting with White House IP counsel Colleen Chien and patent holding companies was held this week to discuss an initiative to make prior art holdings more accessible for officials at the Patent and Trademark Office. This would reduce the number of patents granted, which would therefore improve overall patent quality and limit potential for abusive litigation.

A public announcement of this initiative, and, possibly, other new anti-troll measures, is expected from the open afternoon session. Invitees expected the discussion to mirror briefings with Senate Judiciary staffers held over the past month and a half, and to highlight some of the same controversial topics, such as customer stay and fee shifting.

This week’s roundup includes a one-sided FAQ from the United States Patent and Trademark Office about patent litigation and patent trolls. There’s no room for unfair bias when the nation’s innovation and economic future are on the line.

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