Weekly Patent News Highlights 9/8/14

August 8, 2014

As the summer comes to a close, the effort to push for educated and thoughtful patent reform begins to pick up once again. This week’s highlights include articles covering patent rights and grants, as well as a look into intellectual property and its effect on economic growth.

George Mason University takes a stand for IP rights in a post which addresses recent critics of intellectual property, mainly a recent report released by the Mercatus Center. The report attacks research that supports the idea that IP has a positive impact on both job creation as well as economic prosperity, and GMU is there to quickly defend these statements.

Two articles this week are from IP Watchdog, both of which address the effect that the patent system can have on the country. While one examines the economic effects of the patent system, the other looks into a groundbreaking hepatitis C medication and the recent struggle with receiving investment assistance.

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