Spotlight on Inventors Joe Nafziger and Ben Larson

November 4, 2015

In the upcoming weeks Save the Inventor will be highlighting various inventors to learn more about their passion for innovation, what’s next for them, and what advice they have for fellow inventors.

The first inventor spotlight is on, inventor duo, Joe Nafziger and Ben Larson

STI: What drives you to invent?

JN&BL: Invention is just tangible problem solving, and solving problems keeps us tinkering. Five years ago, we wanted to stand up at our desks but the options were all too expensive and/or too big. So, we created the Readydesk because it is something we wanted and needed. It makes our lives better. Now that others can buy and use it, we hope it makes their lives better, too. That’s a huge driver.

STI: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced with your invention/patent?

JN&BL: The biggest problem we faced was not knowing anything about manufacturing or materials. The key was to talk to as many people as possible that DO know what they are doing. We are constantly doing that.

STI: What’s next for you?

JN&BL: We will be expanding our product line and possibly looking to branch into the digital space, too: time management app, etc. We want the Readydesk brand to represent healthy interaction between people and their technology.

STI: What would you tell other people who want to invent and obtain patents?

JN&BL: If you have an idea that either (a) solves a new problem, or (b) solves a problem better than the current solutions available, pursue it. File a Non-Provisional App with the patent office. Start talking to people who you think can help accelerate your learning of how to achieve what you want.

Also, in case you missed their video featured on Save the Inventor, check it out here.

Joe Nafziger and Ben Larson, best friends since age four, saw potential in creating a standing desk that could fold up, be portable and adjust to your height. They understood the importance of having a patent in bringing a product to market, and after years of building, testing and researching, their product, Readydesk, was born. Their first patent was granted in 2015.

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