Spotlight on Inventor Sam McCord

November 24, 2015

Save the Inventor reached out to inventor Sam McCord to learn more about his passion for innovation, what’s next for him, and what advice he has for fellow inventors.

STI: What drives you to invent?

SM: For the sheer enjoyment and challenge to create products that our customers can use and solves a problem or need.

STI: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced with your invention/patent?

SM: The length of time for the process and the expense.

STI: What’s next for you?

SM: Developing a base to hold our 24” long marker for garden and landscape centers.

STI: What would you tell other people who want to invent and obtain patents?

SM: Be persistent, have a lot of patience and be willing to make changes and take suggestions from those that offer help.

Also, in case you missed his video featured on Save the Inventor, check it out here.

In 2007, after years of involvement in the plastic industry, Sam McCord founded MCG BioComposites, LLC, a company that aims to handle the growth of biobased materials. In addition to being CEO of his company, Sam has worked with companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500, and provides consulting services to the plastics industry nationwide.

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