Spotlight on Inventor Eric Huber

November 18, 2015

Save the Inventor reached out to inventor Eric Huber to learn more about his passion for innovation, what’s next for him, and what advice he has for fellow inventors.

STI: What drives you to invent?

EH: Personally, inventing is as a part of me as working out or attending church (I do those too) is to others. I have been doing it since I was young. As a kid we have an open, clear mind and no hesitation to create. As we age, life’s pressures get in the way and we adults become too serious and less silly. Inventing allows adult-me to think with an open, playful mind. Most often, I invent for selfish reasons. I am seeking solutions that make my life easier. If my invention does this, then I am motivated to share it with the world through commercialization…and it is fun, personally fulfilling and rewarding.

STI: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced with your invention/patent?

EH: In general, the biggest challenge for me is to invent a product that solves problems/inconveniences that are big enough, experienced by enough people, in a bigger, better way than what is currently available and at the right price. Next, is the challenge to bring your product to the market. I may have found a remarkable solution to a big problem. I have done my research and developed a great product. I have invested into a patent and now comes the hard part – the challenge to find the right partners and develop the right strategy to get the product to the market. The statistics are not good, only 2–3% of patents are ever commercialized, but I have worked hard to learn as much as I can and surround myself with people who can help.

STI: What’s next for you?

EH: Invention–wise, I am working on a personal self–defense product, a line of innovative furniture and a collection of products to clean, freshen and beautify your home and self in an all–natural way. I am always working on improving my craft. While researching material for a talk I gave at an Amazon event about aha moments, I began to understand the different processes utilized by many of the great creative minds. I am working to better understand this creative process and develop a system to generate more ideas, more often. Also, I am really excited about being involved as a founding board member of a non-profit organization called the MORE Foundation. We sponsor entrepreneur contests in cooperation with local universities that will team students, mentors and community members to commercialize existing patents. The winning team will receive prizes and further support from MORE to actually launch their business and help make it a success.

STI: What would you tell other people who want to invent and obtain patents?

EH: Go for it, but do your homework. Learn as much as you can about the inventing, prototyping, commercialization and patenting process. There are plenty of free online resources and, generally speaking, people skilled in these areas are giving of their time and expertise. Protecting your invention is very important. Obtaining intellectual property protection is expensive and complicated so be sure you have an invention that has market potential and can be manufactured at a price that fits a cost structure consumers will be willing to pay.

Also, in case you missed his video featured on Save the Inventor, check it out here.

Eric Huber is a successful independent inventor and member of Edison Nation. He has submitted over 100 ideas to Edison Nation since 2008, including the Germ Master, a steam cleaning system that harnesses the power of a microwave oven to create steam and help kill kitchen germs.

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