Spotlight of Inventor Adrian Pelkus

December 2, 2015

Save the Inventor reached out to inventor Adrian Pelkus to learn more about his passion for innovation, what’s next for him, and what advice he has for fellow inventors.

STI: What drives you to invent?

AP: My purpose in life is inventing things that help people and or the environment. Accomplishing this is most rewarding. The thrill of creating and seeing something work that was once just an idea is really fun!

STI: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced with your invention/patent?

AP: Being decades ahead of the market with disruptive technologies some called "a miracle" and others "too good to be true." Finding backing for pioneering efforts that challenge the current mindsets and status quos. Historically, I have lost fortunes to others because I did not acquire patents. Lessons learned!

STI: What’s next for you?

AP: I'm working on new medical treatments and devices, personal and industrial electronics, gravity and oceanographic experiments. I chair the San Diego Inventors Forum 501c3 and coach weekly. For fun I like making illuminating sculptures made from re-purposed materials.

STI: What would you tell other people who want to invent and obtain patents?

AP: I think one of the greatest thrills in life is realizing your dreams. And when it helps your fellow human you are working for an even greater purpose. Those blessed with creative minds should be encouraged to invent. Only those that attempt the absurd achieve the impossible! Profit from your ideas! You can sell or license your products / ideas once you have legally claimed them unique with a patent. Look around; everything you see was created by with someone with just an idea to start. Start yours today!!

Also, in case you missed his video featured on Save the Inventor, check it out here.

Adrian Pelkus is the founder of A Squared Technologies, Inc., a company that helps inventors and entrepreneurs bring new products to market. Adrian is also an advocate for inventors’ rights and is the president of San Diego Inventors Forum, where he helps inventors become successful entrepreneurs.

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