Key Quotes from the Inventing America Conference

March 12, 2019

In February, a group of policymakers and IP experts gathered at the Inventing America 2019 conference to discuss the steps necessary to restore America’s place as the global patent and innovation leader.

Below we highlight several key quotes from policymakers at the conference that underscore the importance of strengthening intellectual property protections and patent rights in driving our innovation economy and promoting U.S. competitiveness.

Director Andrei Iancu, United States Patent and Trademark Office

“The bottom line is we need clear laws here. We need to make it clear to the world and to the investment community that we are open for business. And when you come to invest here, not only are you going to have access to the most brilliant minds, but also to the most stable and fair and balanced legal systems.”

Senator Chris Coons, D-DE

“[Restoring strong patent protections] is a fundamental issue for the 21st century. China is our peer and competitor. They may eclipse us if we don’t grasp the significance of this moment.”

Representative Doug Collins, R-GA, House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member

“If there is no protection for what you develop, then there’s no other reason to continue inventing other than as a hobby.”

Representative Steve Stivers, R-OH

“This is the keystone to the future of the American economy. We have to get it right. [The] USPTO’s changes aren’t permanent until we enact them. We need to pass the Stronger Patents Act and move the ball forward.”

Watch the full video of the Inventing America 2019 conference HERE.

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