John M.R. Kneuer Explains How IP Theft is Invisible

September 25, 2020

John M.R. Kneuer is the former Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information and Administrator of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. Mr. Kneuer is “widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on telecommunications, Internet, and spectrum policy.”

How IP Theft is Invisible

You're talking about intellectual property which is essentially virtual; the challenges of controlling it are that much harder. It isn't always going to be evident to the end-user knowing you know what code is in a product, what intellectual property went into a chipset. These things are not transparent to a consumer — even a sophisticated enterprise consumer. You could have very sophisticated IT departments of big sophisticated companies making significant purchases for servers and back office equipment and it'd be very very difficult for them on their own to know that there is intellectual property theft going on inside. So it's just a deeper challenge.

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