IP Experts Reveal How to Strengthen American Innovation

May 20, 2019

In February, a diverse group of patent and IP experts gathered in Washington, D.C. for the Inventing America 2019 Conference to discuss the future of America’s innovation economy — particularly what can be done to strengthen our ailing patent system. Below, we share five videos featuring some of these experts sharing their view of what needs to be done.

Clarify What Can and Cannot Be Patented – Mike Schwartz, SVP, IP Litigation at TiVo Corporation

As a result of recent Supreme Court cases, there is confusion over what can and cannot be patented in the U.S. This has had a damaging effect on inventor and investor confidence, which in turn has negatively affected our innovation economy. Mike Schwartz, SVP, IP Litigation at TiVo Corporation explains why we need clarity in the law over patent subject matter eligibility to help bring back confidence in our patent system.

Pass the STRONGER Patents Act – David Kappos, Former Director, USPTO

In recent years, there’s been an overcorrection to the patent system resulting in procedures and policies that have weakened patent protections and harmed inventors. Former Director of the USPTO, David Kappos, explains how the STRONGER Patents Act is needed to fix this overcorrection at the federal level.

Keep Investment Flowing to Innovators – Melissa Brand, Associate Counsel and Director for IP Policy at BIO

Innovation often requires investment from outside sources. But investors won’t fund critical research and development without strong patent rights in place to protect that investment. Melissa Brand of BIO explains the risks of an unreliable patent system.

Close the Patent Diversity Gap – Barbara Gault, VP, The Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Barbara Gault, VP at IWPR, highlights the fact that only 12% of US patent holders are women. To solve the world’s many challenges, America must close this patent diversity gap and ensure we are not leaving inventive talent untapped.

Focus Policy on Maintaining Strong Patent Rights – Jeff Moon of China Moon Strategies, LLC

Jeff Moon of China Moon Strategies, LLC explains that China has been focused on strengthening patent rights to help promote Chinese innovation. If the U.S. is going to keep its position as a global leader, it must make sure its patent policy is strong and provides a clear path forward for our innovators to thrive.

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