5 Twitter Profiles to Follow If You Care About IP Rights

May 8, 2018

There’s a lot happening in the world of patents and intellectual property in the United States right now. Most recently, the House version of the STRONGER Patents Act was introduced, with a broad coalition of organizations voicing their support (read about that here); the USPTO inducted a new director, Andrei Iancu; a distinguished panel of IP experts discussed the current state and future of innovation in the U.S. at the LeadershIP Symposium; and the Supreme Court reaffirmed that patents are property rights. To help you keep up with the latest developments, we of course hope you will follow us at @SavetheInventor and @InnovationAlli. But here are five other Twitter profiles to follow if you care about IP rights:

  1. @IPWatchdog – Gene Quinn, Founder of IPWatchdog.com and Patent Attorney
    Gene Quinn is known in the IP world as one of the most knowledgeable and eloquent patent experts working today. Through his site, IPWatchdog.com, Gene provides enough in-depth analysis, opinion, and breaking updates to keep you reading for days.
  2. @AdamMossoff – Law professor, George Mason University School of Law, and founder of The Center for Protection of IP Rights
    The distinguished Adam Mossoff is well known for founding CPIP, which provides scholarly analysis of IP rights. You can count on Professor Mossoff’s Twitter feed for thoughtful IP information and plenty of retweets from the best minds and media covering patents and IP.
  3. @IAM_magazine – IAM Magazine
    IAM Magazine is an IP-focused print and online publication staffed with respectable names such as Joff Wild and Richard Lloyd. The outlet’s focus is to shed light on IP as “a business asset and tool, rather than simply as a legal right.”
  4. @USPTO – United States Patent and Trademark Office
    While the USPTO has taken its fair share of criticism over the last ten years, there’s no doubt that it’s still an important part of the innovation fabric in America. Its Twitter feed is a wealth of information that anyone with a vested interest in patents or IP should follow — chock full of interesting facts, expert opinion, and relevant information.
  5. @GlobalIPCenter – The Global Innovation Policy Center
    The Global Innovation Policy Center is a U.S. Chamber of Commerce initiative working to champion IP rights and the value those rights bring to the United States and its citizens. In addition to providing information about why patents matter in America, the GIPC keeps an eye on the global IP landscape to help promote innovation and prosperity. Follow them to keep your patent facts fresh and at the ready.

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