American inventors are in danger.

Inventors rely on patents to protect their ideas—and their livelihood. But American patent laws have been weakened in recent years and there are new efforts that would further undermine patent rights and discourage inventors from pursuing their dreams. If inventors stop inventing, everyone loses. We lose out on world-changing ideas. We lose out on more jobs, higher wages, a stronger economy, and more.

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That’s why we support legislation to strengthen patent rights, such as the PREVAIL Act. This bipartisan bill will restore the protections our inventors, universities, and start-ups need to keep driving American innovation forward.

What is Predatory Infringement?

Inventions are Being Stolen

Large corporations (often Big Tech companies) are taking inventors’ ideas and innovations for their own, deliberately infringing on their patents—and getting away with it. We call them Patent Pirates, and they stifle American innovation and competition.

Unfortunately, recent harmful legislation, regulations, and court decisions have weakened U.S. patent rights, resulting in an uncertain and unfair playing field. These changes, promoted by Big Tech, have benefited corporate players and hurt small inventors.

The Power of Patents

Strong patent rights promote economic security, U.S. competitiveness, and a robust innovation economy. That’s why we support:

  • Improving patent quality without diminishing intellectual property rights.
  • Respecting inventors’ property rights by stopping Patent Pirates from engaging in predatory infringement.
  • Fixing the Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) to stop it from being abused by infringing companies.
  • Strengthening what was once the gold standard in the world, the U.S. patent system, by passing the PREVAIL Act or similar legislation.

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